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Why share videos, when you can share channels?

Tube makes Vlogging easy!

Create your own TUBE® site in minutes

Video Curation Tools

Select your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook and Twitch and curate your own channel


Share it with your followers and start making money.


Get a Name

Choose between your free Go.Tube sub-domain (i.e. yourideas.go.tube) or buy your own TUBE domain name (yourideas.tube)

Set it up

Get your video website up and running in just a few minutes.

Fix it your way

Choose one of our templates, and customize every detail to make it truly unique

Add your content

Easily search and import videos from Youtube®, Facebook®, Twitch® and other sources.

Let Others add theirs

Users can add videos and have them automatically published or wait for your approval.


Make it visible

Rank it by enhancing content, tags and descriptions using our SEO fields and video sitemap.

Create a following

Easily share your TUBE® channel on Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+®, Pinterest® and Linkedin®.

Encourage interaction

Engage your users by allowing them to vote and comment on videos.

Make money

Place one or multiple banners. Show banner ads before video loads.

Know your customers

Integrate with Google Analytics so you can track visitor behavior and demographics.

Get real-time statistics

Real-time Reporting including most viewed videos and top performing categories.


Backup your ideas

Have access to an offline copy of your website's data including videos and registered users data.

Add additional code

Freedom to add external scripts and widgets.

Reliable Hosting

Stable platform so your channel is always available with 99.99% confidence.

Expert Support

If you need any help with your website. Our team of professionals is there to help.

Always improving

We are always enhancing your experience with new features at no additional cost to you.


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May 6, 2017
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