Challenging times in the domain name industry

In less than three years, we went from domain scarcity to flooding.
Saturday, May 6, 2017

We are facing challenging times in the domain name industry. In less than three years, we went from domain scarcity to flooding. In 2014, it was almost impossible to get a decent domain name for jumpstarting and internet project. But in the last three years, close to 1,000 terminations have hit the market. Most of the newly created domain name terminations cater to specific niches, such as .RUGBY, .Cars or .Law, but there are a handful that are broader in scope and reach and can be applied to any type of project.

I fully admit that .Car (or .cars or .auto) is the KING of names for the automobile industry, thet .Rugby is the KING of names for the sport and that .Law (or .legal or .lawyer) is the KING for the legal practice. But having been a domain name stakeholder for almost two decades and having analyzed the behavior of the industry for the past three years, I can confidently say that in the domain name world its not about the KING but about the JOKER and .TUBE is a true JOKER.

So while makes all the sense in the world and it’s a very valuable name, Ferrari.Law or Ferrari.Rugby make no sense and therefore, are worthless (unless a guy named Ferrari becomes a lawyer and opens his own legal practice). Hurricaines.Rugby is a good name but is not even worth a thought. And KirklandandEllis.Law is a great name, but is just not.

It’s different with a JOKER… All Ferrari.Tube, KirklandandEllis.Tube and Hurricaines.Tube are all great names, they all make sense and they all have intrinsic value. What this means for the average domain name investor is a greater market for its names. And a broader interest means higher prices in the future as opposed to .cars, .rugby or .law, whose value is limited.

In this day and age of Video, a generic term paired with a .Tube termination has the pricing potential of a .com. Specially if brands understand that its not convenient to crowd all the content their produce into their .COM names and that their video oriented content merits its own branding. is a great destination for all the information related to the Coca Cola company just as CocaCola.Tube is a great destination for their videos. Besides, .Tube is being used in every country and language for showcasing video which means that throughout the planet, users will expect the same for a site named CocaCola.Tube… videos from CocaCola.

Smart domain investors realize this and so, they will put their chips in the domain terminations most likely to have a broader interest and therefore consumer base and .TUBE is one of the few in the new gTLD program, that fits this feature.

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