Saturday, May 6, 2017

The first brand ever to the right of the dot.

Latin American Telecom LLC announced today it has received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that its trademark TUBE has been granted Class 045 for registrar and registry services, becoming the first brand ever to the right of the dot.

With this ruling, brands who register a domain name in the .TUBE registry (ie. CocaCola.Tube) will be able to automatically use the domain name as a registered trademark. This is a feature not even available in the most popular .COM domain name termination.

“If a company owns a trademark to the left of the dot and matches it with the .TUBE trademark to the right of the dot, the combination will not only be a website address but a trademark. The domain name will enjoy protection from both IP law as well as Trademark law” said Rami Schwartz, founder and CEO of the .TUBE registry.

Being the first ever commercial brand to the right of the dot creates more questions than provide answers. As it is commonly said, this is uncharted territory for all, the Registry, the brands, the lawyers and even the trademark authority. A big challenge lies ahead for all in understanding the full potential of this legal decision, but undoubtedly, it is an historical step for all parties involved. As we enter the “age of Video”, where intellectual property will face new challenges,  Latin American Telecom LLC is committed to building a trustworthy domain name brand so video oriented projects, housed on a .TUBE domain name, enjoy all the goodwill they deserve.The first brand ever to the right of the dot.

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